We Are the World :The Story Behind the Song (20th Anniversary Special Edition) (1985)


We Are the World - The Story Behind the Song 
(20th Anniversary Special Edition) (1985)

* We Are the World - The Story Behind the Song (20th Anniversary Special Edition) (1985)
* Written by Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson
* Conducted and Produced by Quincy Jones

This offer is a rip of the main movie part of disk 1. Disk 2, of this 2 DVD set, will not be included.
I personally feel that you should go out and buy this to help support aid to Africa.
There is some never-before-seen footage included in this offer but not all of it.
Disk 1 contains extras clips and bonus material but is not included here.

What you won't see is:
*Lots of Michael Jackson solos and improvs
*Lots of Bob Dylan performing his solos and improvs
*Lots of gut-wrenching, spine-tingling, powerful heart & soul solos and improvs from Bruce Springstein
*Lots of Stevie Wonder doing his solos and improvs
*Beautiful, dazzling and energy-driven improv duets from Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder
*MIchael and Janet Jackson showing loving and touching moments during a chorus take of the song
*Lots of chorus takes and extra solo takes from the song
*Karaoke video of the song
*206 minutes of bonus features 

Some information:
"We Are The World" was written by Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson.

The 2 disc DVD set comes with collectible insert booklet, which contains the history of how the night of Jan 28, 1985 how the song was made with all the stars. The booklet also contains the lyrics of the song and picture of the group and where the stars stood in the group (like Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Steve Perry, Cydie Lauper, Diana Ross, Diane Warwick, Kenny Rogers, Kenny Loggins, Bruce Springstein, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Bette Midler, Janet Jackson, etc up to 45 stars in all) for the memorable song.

1st Disc includes the documentary narrated by Jane Fonda and the Music Video of the We Are The World Song conducted by Quincy Jones.

2nd Disc contains the extras,history and documentary, and places where the song ws played like 10th anniversary "one song, many hands", American Music Awards, 28th Grammy awards, "Live Aid" footage from ABC, etc. and Karaoke track of the song too.

It well worth the price this song that makes history and make for a good cause, USA For Africa organization is still around to help out for hunger and AIDS 20 years later. The proceeds of this DVD goes to the USA For Africa organization. Great! If you like Great Music and Great Stars come for a good cause, it's a great piece of history with this song "WE Are the World" and how it all began.

Talent Includes:
Kenny Loggins
Harry Belafonte
James Ingram
Kim Carnes
Hall & Oates
Ray Charles
Willie Nelson
Pointer Sisters
Diana Ross
Tina Turner
Paul Simon
Huey Lewis and The News
Stevie Wonder
Bruce Springsteen
Michael Jackson
Cyndi Lauper
Jane Fonda
Dan Aykroyd

52 min 35 sec 
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